Teachers – Christy Wandrei, Amy Annis, Ann Christian

Madeline Island yoga experience will engage your senses through the beautiful surroundings of the island. Engage ALL your senses through outdoor yoga.

Madeline Island instructors are here to support your journey whether it be physical or spiritual.


Christy Wandrei

Christy is the owner and director of Madeline Island Yoga.
I absolutely love to travel and I have always had the dream of sailing around the world. An escape into solitude, stillness and the beauty of the sea. I would read books such as Sailing Alone around the World by Joseph Slocum and Chapman’s seaman ship. Instead of sailing I traveled extensively in my youth and always loved the adventure of exploring new cultures and ways of life. When I rediscovered Madeline I absolutely fell in love. The minute you set foot on the ferry it automatically transports you to a place of stillness where the mainland and any worries you had moments ago seem miles away. While backpacking through Africa in 1995 I stumbled upon yoga and had the instant feeling of arriving home for the first time in my body and soul. So an unknown dream was born deep in my soul it just took many more years to realize. Yoga on the beautiful shores of Madeline Island – where I could share my love of yoga with others.

To me, yoga is an awe inspiring, personal journey that deepens and transforms one’s relationship to their unique inner truths. Always a student, I continue to further my appreciation and understanding of yoga while training with Rod StrykerMonique Maxwell  and dabbling in Yoga Calm and Yoga Kids programs. Additionally, I am currently enrolled in Devanadi’s 500 hour Teacher Training Intensive to be completed sometime in the very near future.

As a teacher, I strive to keep my classes fun, upbeat and always evolving. My passion is to combine strength and movement with gentle guidance linking the breath to each and every movement. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical limitation – if you can breath you can do yoga. I also enjoy teaching kid’s yoga. With my most influential guru’s being my own children, Shayla (8) and Emerson (5).
Christy believes that yoga engages children through movement exploration, music and yoga play to capture attention and imagination. It also provides essential yoga skills and relaxation techniques early on, for the development of body, mind and spirit.



Amy Annis

Amy is the owner and director of Madeline Island Yoga Retreats

Amy became a yoga instructor in 2003 while raising four children, understanding that her practice not only gave her balance in a hectic lifestyle but also spoke to her children about the connection of a healthy mind and body. Her teaching is influenced by a willingness to learn from all teachers and all styles of yoga. After a diagnosis and a yearlong battle with breast cancer in 2009, Amy was inspired to take her passion for yoga to the next level and enrolled in a teacher training program at The Yoga Center of Minneapolis. After completing her treatment program and building back strength through her own personal practice she founded Clean Spirit Yoga to return to her love of teaching.

As a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) with The Yoga Alliance, Amy has experience working with both new and experienced practitioners. Her love for Madeline Island and the corresponding outdoor activities has led her to develop specific yoga trainings geared towards the performance athlete and outdoor enthusiasts. For most of the year Amy resides in Eau Claire, WI teaching yoga classes in her studio and works as a Livestrong Representative for the Eau Claire community.

Please click here if you are looking for the Madeline Island Yoga RETREAT experience lead by Amy.




Ann Christian

Ann Christian, RN/ Certified Hospice and palliative care nurse/ RYT 230/hr.

Ann has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and has specialized in Palliative care for the last 12 years. As her nursing career evolved, Ann found her calling in helping patients and their families find solace as they coped with chronic or terminal illnesses. Palliative care is a holistic approach that works to relieve suffering in all areas of a patients life. It is a multidisciplinary approach that the palliative care team uses to address the physical, emotional, spiritual and social issues that arise with advanced illnesses.

As Ann’s focus evolved in nursing care, she discovered yoga and brought together the strong link between the care provided to a patient and the teachings provided as a yoga teacher. In 2010, she graduated from the 230/hour teacher training program at the Yoga center of Mpls. And, she is currently completing her Advanced, 500 hr training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She teaches at Invisible Bee Yoga and in other studios around the Twin Cities and on Madeline Island.